Mr. Steam I3DREAMXBK iDream® Max Black

Mr. Steam I3DREAMXBK iDream® Max Black

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The iDream® MAX Package, with the award-winning iSteam®3 Control gives you steam and so much more. It includes all of our Steam Therapy’s AromaSteam®, ChromaSteam®3, AudioSteam®3 as well as the SteamLinx® Module and Mobile App that enables Amazon Alexa Skills, two Aroma Glass SteamHeads®, a MAX AutoFlush®, and a MAX Condensation Pan®. Our MAX Packages make designing your large residential steam shower easy by providing everything you need, at package-savings discount.

  • For MX4E - MX6E Generators
  • Includes the award-winning isteam® 3® Control with capcitive touch screen, programmable custom settings for up to with 8 users, 7 available languages, white or black interface color, real time clock, Autostart Programing to get your steam shower ready each day of the week
  • 2 Aroma Glass SteamHeads that match Mr.Steam® glass facia controls and features an oil reservoir discretely hidden at the top of the steam head
  • SteamLinx Module, Mobile App allows for seamless control of all your steam room functionality using your smart phone or mobile device
  • ChromaSteam® 3 System allows you to select color and modes directly from the isteam® 3® Control
  • AromaSteam System atomizes fragrance and creates the perfect in-steam aromatherapy experience
  • 1 Aroma Fragrance liter bottle, specially formulated and packaged for use with the 1 AromaSteam system
  • AudioSteam® 3 System with Bluetooth® technology interfaces with the isteam® 3® Control for the ultimate sound and steam experience and an FM Radio built into amplifier
  • 2 MusicTherapy® Speakers designed for use inside or outside the shower enclosure
  • Max Auto Flush and Max Condensation Pan Suitable for all MAX Residential Generators, model numbers MX4E - MX6E

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