Curated Cartesian 36" x 15" x 21" two drawer vanity in matte gray glass with slow-close plumbing drawer, full drawer, night light and Engineered Stone 37" vanity top in quartz white (Silestone white storm)

robern 36279200TB00002 Curated Cartesian Vanity, 36" x 15" x 21", Two Drawer, Matte Gray Glass, Plumbing Drawer, Full Drawer, Night Light, Engineered Stone 37" Vanity Top, Quartz White (Silestone White Storm)

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Take the guesswork out of vanity design. Robern's Curated Cartesian vanity collection streamlines the decision-making process with a handpicked selection of vanities to ensure a flawless fit that complements any design. Simply choose from three popular sizes, three stunning color combinations, and an optional night light to create a personalized vanity that transforms the everyday routine.

Lead Time: 4 week

  • Glass finishes and engineered stone create a visually stunning product that's durable enough to stand the test of time
  • Spacious drawers and tip out storage options eliminate clutter and make the daily routine effortless
  • Finishing touches such as in-drawer electric, hot storage, and an LED night light elevate the contemporary design

Additional Resources:
Specification Sheet
Installation File