Delta R10000-UNWSHF Multichoice Universal High-flow Shower Rough - Universal Inlets / Outlets

Delta:R10000 MultiChoice Universal High-Flow Shower Rough - Universal Inlets / Outlets

Shower Valves - Delta

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Delta: Multichoice Universal High-flow Shower Rough - Universal Inlets / Outlets. HF rough valves feature blocked tub port - no additional plug needed when used in shower only application. MultiChoice Universal valve body only - Accepts single, dual, or dual thermostatic cartridge. Square plaster guard, the size of a standard tile allows for right-angle cuts. Removable and snaps back into place. Integrated service stops (allows for turning off water at valve, preventing whole-house interruptions). Accepts all Delta mixing valve trims/cartridges, including all Monitor and TempAssure models.

  • All brass construction; forged from solid brass stock
  • Universal inlet/outlet connections (PEX, IPS, copper)
  • High-flow - designed for shower systems (note: shower only; tub port is plugged)
  • Sturdy mounting bracket included - prevents rocking and allows for securing to stringers
  • Heat-resistant pressure test cap for air/water testing before cartridge is installed
  • Back-to-back installation capabilities

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