BLANCO 406200 BlancoClean Daily+ Silgranit Sink Cleaner

BLANCO BlancoClean Daily+ Silgranit Sink Cleaner

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BLANCOCLEAN Daily+ SILGRANIT SINK CLEANER is a gentle formula that provides a deeper clean to reduce limescale and soap scum build-up. This cleaner is perfect for regular weekly cleanings of granite composite sinks. While Silgranit sinks are generally very low maintenance, they can still develop a white film or scum from dish soap or hard water and require regular cleaning. The most time spent in your kitchen is at your kitchen sink; this is where we perform many heavy-duty tasks throughout the day. Regular cleaning is the best form of maintenance and will protect your sink against everyday wear and tear. Keep your SILGRANIT sink looking its best with the BLANCOCLEAN DAILY+ SILGRANIT SINK CLEANER.

  • Specially formulated for cleaning BLANCO Silgranit sinks
  • Gentle formula is safe to use once or twice a week to maintain the sink’s surface
  • Keeps hard water deposits and limescale under control
  • Removes residues and white film caused by dish soap and build-up from other cleaners
  • Extends the life and luster of your BLANCO sink
  • 1 Year Warranty