KOHLER K-178-EC-SWB KOHLER Clarity water filtration system

KOHLER K-178-EC KOHLER Clarity water filtration system

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KOHLER Clarity is a ceramic water filtration system created to provide people with safe drinking water where water is biologically unsafe for consumption. By filtering out more than 99% of bacteria and protozoa, Clarity provides up to 40 liters of safe water each day - enough for a small family. The Clarity filtration system is incredibly simple to use and maintain, with instructional videos and user manual available online.

  • >99% reduction of bacteria and protozoa.
  • Designed to meet WHO (World Health Organization) water quality standards.
  • Does not remove lead, arsenic or other chemical contaminants.
  • Filters up to 40 liters per day with proper and sustained use.
  • Filters up to 2 liters per hour with proper and sustained use.
  • Estimated life: filters up to 5000 liters.
  • 23 liters total capacity (11 L dirty, 12 L clean with safe storage).
  • For use in non-turbid water.
  • For additional information, contact WaSH@kohler.com or visit KOHLER.com/Clarity.

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