Hansgrohe 13418181 In Line Pressure Balance Rough In Valve

Hansgrohe 13418181 In Line Pressure Balance Rough In Valve

Pressure Balancing Valve - Hansgrohe

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The In-Line remote pressure balancing valve protects another plumbing fixture from dangerous outlet temperature changes that can result from fluctuating inlet pressures. This unit automatically adjusts the hot and cold inlet pressures in order to maintain a constant temperature. If either the hot or cold water supply fails for any reason, the remote pressure balancing valve will go into its anti-scald mode and safely reduce the flow of water to a mere trickle, until both hot and cold water supplies are fully restored.

  • Certain areas require supply fittings to be pressure balanced, check your local plumbing codes
  • For use with a fitting that is not pressure balancing
  • Rough with equilibrium pressure balance valve
  • Helps prevent scalding by compensating for pressure fluctuations

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